Catering for Gluten free/Dairy free In-Laws

It is hard enough catering for all tastes when you are part of a big sociable family, let alone when you have certain dietary requirements to take into consideration too.

Yiayia always makes enough food to feed 5 times as many people in the room, but options are slightly trickier now she has a son-in-law with a dairy allergy, and a daughter-in-law who can’t eat gluten!

This sometimes means she makes a couple of variations of the same dish. For example, the delicious spanakopita filling can be served on top of gluten free bread and is just as delicious eaten this way.  Likewise, pizzas can be made without cheese, sandwiches minus the butter and sauces without cream.

With so many great substitutes widely available, most people don’t even notice there’s been a ‘tweak’ unless you tell them.

It does make more work for Yiayia, but when asked if these special requests bother her at all, she simply shrugged and said ‘Better that than a vegetarian!’

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