About Us

Welcome to Yiayia’s Kouzina (Greek for Grandmother’s Kitchen, pronounced ya-ya’s koo-zee-na)! A place where we bring the secrets of Yiayia’s Greek kitchen to yours.

We are very lucky to be part of a big family that enjoys nothing more than getting together around the dining table for lots of good wholesome home cooking. Some of our happiest memories are of sharing a meal at Yiayia and Papou’s (that’s Greek for Grandmother and Grandfather), talking and laughing into the night over a glass of wine.

Ok, bottle…

Ok, three.

At the head of this family is Yiayia Vasso, who has been feeding her family (and most of their friends) for over 40-years with traditional Greek recipes handed down to her from her mother, and her mother’s mother before her.

We want to celebrate the food that is at the heart of our family and find a way for others to enjoy it too. Over the coming months, we’ll be posting many of our favourite family recipes on this site. We have also written a recipe book of popular meze, soups and dips from Yiayia’s kitchen (you can order your copy here), and have recently launched our own range of authentic Greek dips at local farmers’ markets and fairs.

Kali Orexi!

Kouzina trio

Vasso, Eva & Sarah


Vasso Pylas

Born in the village of Selia in Crete, Vasso moved to the UK in 1969 where she met and fell in love with Lefteris Pylas, a Greek Cypriot living in London. They have three children together, Panagiotis, Maria and Eva.

Vasso has worked in many restaurants over the years, and also as a private caterer, devising menus based on her traditional family favourites.

She is now a proud Yiayia to her three young grandsons, who are already developing a taste for all of her wonderful dishes.


Eva Ryan (née Pylas)

Eva is the youngest daughter of Yiayia Vasso. She lives with her Kiwi husband, Keri, and their twin Griwi boys, Otus and Leo (aka Leonidas, The Spartan Warrior!).

Eva is currently taking a break from her career as an Events Manager to be a full-time Mum. Writing these recipes has been a welcome distraction from the magical, if crazy, twin world.



Sarah Pylas

Sarah is a freelance writer, blogger, and columnist, who started sharing stories about Greek/English family life on her award-nominated blog, Grenglish, in 2011. Since then she has written for local magazines, Red Online, BritMums, TOTS 100 and The Huffington Post. Sarah is married to Yiayia Vasso’s first born, Panagiotis (aka The Greek Godzilla) and together they have a son, Zacharias.