Briam in the tray

Briam (Greek roasted vegetables)

In the run-up to our launch, we had weekly meetings to catch-up on where we were with various suppliers, the designs for our stickers and where on earth we intended to store 100 tubs of Greek dips! We started to meet at Yiayia’s as it is slightly easier for us both to get back for […]


Authentic Greek Dips & Delights

Last week, we launched the food side of our business with our first range of authentic Greek tzatziki, houmous and taramosalata dips – all using Yiayia’s recipes and made by our own fair hands! For the last few months, we have been busy qualifying for food hygiene certificates, testing tubs and lids, designing our packaging, researching the […]

lamb kleftiko and potatoes

Lamb Kleftiko

Lamb kleftiko is a classic Greek recipe of slow cooked lamb with garlic, oregano, olive oil and lemon juice. Kleftiko means stolen and many years ago, sheep stealing was common practice in Greece. Great Papou, on occasion, returned to his home in the wild mountains of Crete and presented Great Yiayia with a stolen sheep […]


Gluten-free chocolate & hazelnut cheesecake

There is nothing Greek about this gluten-free chocolate & hazelnut cheesecake, but it has been requested on almost as many Greek tables as Yiayia’s legendary spanakopita! I love watching people’s faces when they take their first mouthful, especially Yiayia’s Greek friends, who always look surprised that something not Greek can taste so good. It now sits proudly […]

vegetable selection

Catering for Gluten free/Dairy free In-Laws

It is hard enough catering for all tastes when you are part of a big sociable family, let alone when you have certain dietary requirements to take into consideration too. Yiayia always makes enough food to feed 5 times as many people in the room, but options are slightly trickier now she has a son-in-law with a dairy allergy, and a […]